Friday, July 30, 2010

Kettle Cashew & Almond Butter Review

I LOVE nut butters! It doesn't matter what kind it is as long as there isn't chocolate in it I love it! I used to always stick to Peter Pan until they had the contamination issue. Now I have branched out and love trying any and all kinds. Kettle Brand was nice enough to send me samples to taste and review.

I was very excited when I came home from a weekend away and saw the box of Kettle Nut Butters on my front porch. The peanut butter was in the box upside down and the oil leaked out a little. But I just wiped it off and turned it over.

I had a hard time decided which jar to open first! I decided to dig into the cashew butter. The cashew butter did not have much separation. It was super easy to stir up. I am big on serving size. The jar said 1 oz. I understand that is the most accurate way. But it is very helpful to put approximately 1 tablespoon or something like that beside it. I got out my food scale to make sure I didn't go overboard on my serving. That is VERY easy for me to do with a jar of anything!
After tasting a little bit of the cashew butter I put in in my smoothie. Oh my was it good! This was my first time trying plain cashew butter it was VERY creamy! I would definitely recommend it and will be buying it again!

Next I decided to try the almond butter. It was harder to stir together. It is very good! But it is very thick. My favorite way of having it so far is with a little bit of heated brie and an apple. The strong almond flavor is great with the cheese!

The jars all say to refrigerate after opening. I don't want to have four open jars in the fridge. As soon as I finish the first two I will open the peanut and hazelnut butters and do another review.

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